Friday, January 15, 2016

Snow Day!

As many of you know me and my guys LOVE Chick Fil A and rightfully so, I mean what's not to love! Not only is their food yummy ( as Nathan says) but they do SO much for the community! I don't know of any other "fast food" place that helps and gives back as much as them! We also love their playplace. It's nice to take the boys there during winter and let them get some energy out and also eat lunch, a lunch I know they are going to eat. But on top of that it's even more fun to participate in their amazing Family events.

Last week I posted on instagram about our local Chick Fil A's "Snow Day" event. It was themed after the Disney movie Frozen. Not only do we love Chick Fil A but we love Disney too so this event was a win win for us! I thought this whole event was fantastic, the boys loved it and everything was FREE! They had Anna and Olaf for meet and greet along with the Chick Fil A cow, snow themed crafts, face painting, a photobooth and each kid got a free ice cream!

Here are some pictures from the event
Lucas making his Snow Ball Launcher

Meeting Anna and Olaf


The COW!

Nathan made sure he was in the pic too lol

We can't wait to see what event they have next! Tell us what do you love about Chick Fil A? What kinds of events does yours have?